Monday, October 11, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010 -- Choices


This week has been wonderful! I feel like I have grown and learned so much about myself, about others, about God and about His
church this week!

* * *

When I heard about the news of Carol Joy, it hit my kind of hard. [Editor's note: Carol Joy is a young woman of Truman's age who passed away a few days earlier. For many years her speech and gait had been impaired due to a brain tumor.] To have such a wonderful spirit, such an inspiring girl, and one of my peers who was younger than me, pass on was quick a heartwrenching experience. When I read the letter I began to cry. My companion saw how much I was affected and in a very sacred and touching conversation, we talked about the plan of salvation. He told me how muscular distrophy runs in his family and that his uncle had recently passed away because of this disease. However, through his tears he told me that he knew that his Uncle was free in heaven. He is no longer confined to a wheelchair, it is no longer painful for him to do the simplest of tasks. I know that Carol Joy is running in heaven. I know that she is home. I know that because of the choices she made that she will be blessed and has been blessed and also has blessed the lives of so many.

Choices. Life is made up a series of choices. Our choices reveal our true nature, and we will become what our choices reveal us to be. Choosing is becoming. God has given us everything and one of our greatest gifts is the
freedom to choose. After all, this is what the entire war in heaven was fought over and is what we are valiantly fighting for today. In Moses 7:32-33, Christ is crying and Enoch asks Him why He is crying. Christ responds that He gave us power to act, to choose; He only asks that we love one another and choose Him. Our choices will either bring us closer to Christ or further from Him. Choose Him. I am striving to choose Christ in all that I do. I am greatful for the series of choices that brought me here: both the choices I made, and the choices of those around me that influenced me for the better. I know that this is where I am supposed to be and I am glad I made the choices to come here.

I want to share with you, why I am here on a
mission. I am here because I want to serve God. God has asked that I sere a mission and I am answering His call. My whole life I have known that I was supposed to serve a mission and that I wanted to serve one. The gospel has blessed my life so much and I want other people to see the blessings in their lives. As one of Christ's sheep, I know His voice and His love, but there are lost sheep who need to come back to Christ, to His open loving arms. I want to bring the gospel of joy to people and let them know how much they are loved and that they can return to God their loving Heavenly Father. I love this gospel! I love my Father in Heaven! I love all His children! I love all of you! I love my mission!

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