Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monday, December 13, 2010--Don't Forget to Bring Your Watermelons

Would you like to hear some good news? We had a beautiful baptism this weekend. Jorge Tapia and his daughter were baptized on Saturday. This baptism was a miracle for various reasons. Firstly, Jorge has been a difficult investigator. Elder Brady and his companion found Jorge´s family about six months ago. Andrea, Jorge´s wife, was a less-active member, so they started teaching her and her family. At first, Jorge was very hard of heart and full of pride. He was not willing to go to church every Sunday or keep the commandments. However, during this last month, the Spirit has taught him a lot. He has come to church steadily and has committed to keep God´s commandments. The other reason that his baptism was a miracle is because Jorge´s work is sending him to go work up north for a couple weeks. He was going to have to leave on last Tuesday, but it ended up that he did not leave until this morning, making it possible for him to get baptized this weekend. He asked me to baptize him and Elder Brady to baptize Pia, his daughter. After Jorge was baptized, this man who had been so full of pride just months before, he was crying. His wife was crying as well as she saw her family take the step of baptism.

Then on Sunday, we had a four hour choir practice for the stake Christmas concert next Sunday. On Tuesday at zone meeting, the zone leaders told us that we would be singing in the choir because they needed more male voices. I was very excited to be able to sing in a choir again. However, a couple days ago, I got a call from the director, telling me that I would be the pianist. After she called me, I was very nervous, because.. well.. let´s just say that my piano skills aren´t that great. I was worried that she would have some crazy piano pieces that I would have to learn. However, it turns out that will will pretty much just be performing songs from the hymn book with some variations and also sing "Rudolf," "Santa Clause is Coming to Town," and "Little Drummer Boy." They did not provide me with any music, so I am very thankful that I was taught theory and how to play songs by ear. However, there is still open time in the program, so I might play Jon Schmidt´s "Christmas Meldey" in the concert!

Okay, so you are probably wondering about the watermelons. Well, lately I have been mixing my Spanish and English and making some pretty funny mistakes. We were in one lesson preparing a eight-yea-old boy for his baptism and I was telling him what to bring to his baptism. I was trying to tell him "traer sus sandalias"--to bring his sandals for afterwards, but I ended up saying "traer sus sandias"--"bring your watermelons." Then, we were in a lesson with a member, trying to get references. I was giving the tone for "Joseph Smith's First Prayer" which begins "Que hermosa la maƱana," ("how beautiful the morning") but I ended up saying "que hermosa la hermana" ("how beautiful the sister"). Oops. We had a good laugh about that one.

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