Friday, August 6, 2010

Thursday, August 5, 2010--EFY on Steriods (Well, except for the no dancing, no music, and no hugging girls)

Guess what? I am over one week old now! Time is very strange here at the MTC. At times it moves very quickly; other times it moves very slow. Looking back though, it always seems as if it passed as "if it were a dream." I love my mission! I love my mission!

As I said in the subject line and as [Redlands friend] Isaac Arnott said when he got back [from his mission], the MTC is "like EFY on steriods." It is so spiritual all the time. It seems like any desire to other things have left me for the desire to learn and grow that I might be able to reach my full potential. I like to compare EFY to a spiritual drinking fountain. When you drink, you try to drink all you can, but some still goes down the drain. Well, if EFY is a drinking fountain, then the MTC is a fire hose. Constantly, you are being pounded (in a good way) with the Spirit. No matter how much you try to take it all in, a lot of it just shoots right past you. I love my mission!

Here at the MTC, everywhere I go, the Elders and Sisters are practicing their languages. There are so many different conversations in so many languages. On my first full day here at the MTC, our teachers (Hermanos Catt and Gentry) taught us how to pray in Spanish and made us promise to never pray in English again while on our mission (except in certain circumstances).

The next day we were taught how to bear our testimony in Spanish. We have already learned five tenses in Spanish! It is incredible how much you can accomplish when the Lord is on your side and when His Spirit is there guiding you. On Sunday, I bore my testimony in Spanish! My district is already constantly talking to each other in Spanish.

On the first day here, I told the teachers that I wanted them to push us, and they definitely have--both in language and spiritual studies. While all the other foreign language districts haven't had to teach the first lesson in the foreign language until about week four, we were teaching the first lesson in Spanish on Monday-- day five I believe. I love my mission!

On Sunday, I was called to be the district leader. I am working hard to be a good leader and a good servant of my fellow Elders and the two Hermanas in my district. I have already learned so much from them and I still have much to learn.

Mis maestros
are incredible men. They both served their missions in Southern California. One of them (Brother Catt) joined the Church one year before he served his mission. His testimony is so strong and he has taught me so much! I love my mission!

Our district was able to have a spiritual treat that hardly any others do. The American Sign Language district came and taught us the first lesson. Although I could not understand anything, for nothing was spoken, the Spirit was so strong that I was in tears. The gospel is true in every language, even Sign Language. God loves all of us! I love my mission!

. . . I am working hard. I know that this is where I need to be and that people will be blessed because of my sacrifice. I love my mission! . . .

P.S. . . . I love my mission!

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