Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monday, November 2, 2010--Three Months

This week I turned three months old! How crazy is that? Yesterday I got my mission call, last night I reported to the MTC and today I am in Chile with three months of my mission already gone.

Three months. That´s one eighth of my mission already gone. That is scary. Seven times that and I will be home and will have to start worrying about myself again.

That is one of the things I love about my mission--you don´t have to worry about yourself. In fact, you shouldn´t worry about yourself. The beauty of the mission is that for two years you leave behind selfish cares and desires and devote yourself to the will of the Lord. I don´t have to worry about doing homework, about keeping up on politics, the latest fads, going out with friends. Every second of the mission is spent thinking and worrying about others--my companion, my investigators, my ward, etc.

My focus is to be the best missionary that I can and become a true servant and disciple of Christ. In the MTC they told us, "Be the kind of missionary that your mother thinks you are."

Now about our investigators:

Juan was confirmed a member of the Church yesterday. His mother, Raquel (who will be married and then baptized in about a month), and his brother Dani, whom I talked about last week, both attended. Dani does not yet have a baptismal date, but told us that he will be attending church every Sunday.

Francisca still has not been baptized. I have not seen her in over two weeks. Every time we pass by her house, her grandma tells us that she has been sick, or is gone, or gives us some other excuse.

It hurts me so much to be losing an investigator so wonderful. Francisca knows that this is the truth and was making the changes in her life to follow what she knew, but now we have lost contact with her. I pray that we will be able to find her and that she is okay, but for now we have decided that we need to move on and spend our time more effectively teaching other people, rather than passing by to look for her.

This week we were walking and we saw a lady struggling to push her stroller up a dirt hill. Elder Brady and I quickly ran to help her and carried the stroller to the top of the hill. We talked to her about the gospel and set an appointment with her. She is very sincere and was very interested in the Church.

However, in the lesson we found out that she is "convive" or is not married to her "husband." But on the other hand, she has four children, two of which could be baptized. She told us that she would go to church but would have to miss the first hour.

Yesterday, we hoped that she would come, but expected that she wouldn´t. We were sitting in Sunday school when the bishop knocked on the door and brought in Alison (the lady), her stroller with baby inside, and her six-year-old boy. She is very genuine and I am excited to teach her.

Halloween is celebrated the same here as it is in the states. The kids go around to the houses and yell, "dulce o truco" or "dulce o basura," and then they are given candy. Because of Halloween, we didn't get into any houses yesterday, but we contacted a lot of people in the street.

I love mission!

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