Friday, September 23, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011—Patience

Hola hermosa familia mía,

To answer mother´s questions and calm her worries, I am doing very well--extremely well actually. Even though I have been getting up earlier, I feel better and more awake than I did before. Also, this last transfer I have been watching what I eat and making better use of my exercise time!

After spending nine weeks in the MTC and eating their food, I weighed in at 215 lbs when I left. Six weeks ago I weighed myself and I weighed 198 lbs. I just weighed myself today and I weighed 188 lbs! Don´t worry mom, I am getting and eating plenty of food I am just eating smarter and of course taking all of my vitamins.

This week, we were not able to teach Miguel and his family. Miguel got home after nine PM every day this week. Also, they did not come to church. However, they are doing well and we will teach them this week

Yesterday, Cecilia came to church. Tamara was going to come as well, but got hit by a ball at school and did want to show up at church for the first time with a black eye. They are doing very well. However, they are still smoking. We had a long talk about the Word of Wisdom and how they could quit smoking. At the end of the lesson I made a deal with them. I told them that we would "be in it together." I committed to stop eating candy and they committed to stop smoking. I just pray that they will have the force and the desires to continue progressing and make the necessary changes in their lives.

This last week, I focused on developing my patience. As I have prayed to develop a deeper patience, it seems that the Lord has helped me by giving me many experiences that tried my patience (people in the street saying things, investigators saying other things, etc). In one lesson with an investigator, he did not understand the importance of The Book of Mormon and said that he did not need to read it. We explained over and over again trying to help him understand where the book came from and why he needed to study it. Stubbornly, he refused. After much internal praying for the patience and the right words, we were able to help him understand and feel the importance of reading. I know that if I had gotten more frustrated or had given up, we would not have been able to help this man. However, because I was striving to have patience, we were able to be blessing for this man and his eternal progression.

Again, I had all the plans to write you a super long letter, but it seems that these computers from the 90´s had different plans for me.

I love all of you so much. * * * Thank you for all that you do. I love my mission!

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