Friday, September 23, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011—They Came!!!

Thank you for the nice pictures. I cannot believe that it has already been a year. I only have one more year to dedicate myself full-time to being an official representative of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no time to lose. I am savoring and treasuring every moment.

This last week, we started a new transfer (my eighth). As with all new transfers, I set new personal goals for these next six weeks. In PMG it says that our goals reflect the desires of our heart. As I set my goals I prayerfully thought about what my desires are and what the Lord´s desires are for me. One of my many goals has to do with more effective use of my time. As part of that, I have started to get up earlier to study. There is not very much time to study. I know enough to know that I don´t know enough and therefore I am trying to get in more studies.

One highlight of this week was an interchange with an elder named Elder González. Elder Gonzalez is from Fontana! His parents are both from El Salvador. He is an excellent missionary and we had a great time together on Saturday. Saturday we had a meeting with or ward mission leader (the following is an excerpt from my letter to President Gillespie).

This week I was able to see the Lord´s hand in His work during our branch mission correlation. This last week we have been trying to find a good member to fellowship our family of investigators with baptismal date. We had been praying and searching to find the member that would be just right for him. In our meeting with the ward mission leader, we told him about the situation. He suggested a few names and then moved on. None of the names really felt like the right one. Then a few minutes later, Raul (ward mission leader) told us another name as an afterthought. The name hit home to me. I felt like he would be the perfect person. We had an appointment with the family that night and blessedly the brother could go with us. During the lesson, the brother and our investigator became good friends and the brother said exactly what our investigator needed to hear. The Lord truly inspired our ward mission leader to help us find the right "fellowshipper."

In that lesson with Miguel and his family on Saturday, we talked about baptism and keeping the Sabbath day holy. During the lesson, Hno Vicencio (who came with us) told Miguel about his conversion and experience with keeping the Sabbath day holy. Miguel told us that he knew that what we said was true because he had felt something different ever since we started sharing. He said that he knew that he needed to go to church and would be going to church with us on Sunday. At the end of that lesson, we all knelt down and Miguel offered a beautiful prayer. After the prayer he told us that he had felt something powerful.

Yesterday, Miguel and his wife and daughter came to church!!! I was so happy to see all of them there. My heart and soul filled with love and joy as I saw them come in. We have been working really hard and praying even harder and finally yesterday we were able to see some fruits of our work.

I love my mission so much. I love the Chilean people. I love the language. Speaking of the language, here in Chile they use a lot of English words. Some common words:

Ayer fui a su casa para el pajama party.

Mi mamá tuvo su baby shower la semana posada.

Siéntense aquí en el living (room)

Yo trabajo full-time. Él trabaja part-time.

Quiero una bebida lite.

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