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Monday, July 18, 2011—Be Thou Humble

Another change has ended and a new one shall begin. The Lord has surprised me by keeping both Elder Rowett and I here together as co-companions in Las Torres. It is definitely alright with me because I love this branch, I love Elder Rowett and we are getting a lot done together.

This week we had a very strong, spiritual lesson. After a few weeks of trying to contact a reference from other missionaries, we were finally able contact Miguel and his family. In our first lesson, we had about five minutes and shared the story of the Restoration of the Gospel, leaving Miguel and his family with a Book of Mormon. The following day (yesterday) we taught them a more in depth about the Restoration. As we taught the family, the Spirit bore witness of the truth. Miguel told us that he had felt something different. He said that while we were there, he had felt the truth of our message and of his need to be baptized. In that strong moment, we invited him, his wife and his daughter to be baptized and they accepted! I love the power of the Holy Ghost and its pivotal role in this work.

Another night this week, we were able to visit a family that we have been trying to visit fore couple weeks. We visited Maria Teresa and her daughter Jeraldyn. In that lesson, we also bore witness of the Restoration. After hearing the message and feeling the Spirit, they too accepted the invitation to be baptized.

Right now, we have seven investigators with baptismal dates. It truly has been incredible to see the Lord´s hand in His work. However, now we just hope to see the progress of these souls.

Yesterday, we had plans for everyone to come to church. We had members passing by to pick-up the investigators, we called them all, and they were all very excited to come. However, only one investigator showed up to church. Some of our investigators were called out to fight fires, others slept in, and others with other excuses. This week we are focusing with all our might on helping these people attend church.

These last few weeks I have been studying in PMG about Christ like attributes. I have been thinking a lot about which Christ like attribute I want and need to develop. Although I am constantly working on developing a deeper love and charity, I have come to the realization that I need to develop my humility. Christ was such humble servant to all. I have been thinking to myself, "Why do I want to have success? What gives me my drive and passion? Do I work so that I will become a district leader, a trainer, or a zone leader? Asia have asked myself these questions I have sadly had to answer that yes, part of the reason is because of pride and the desire to have "outer success." It is the urge of the natural man to be known for his successes. As I thought about this in my personal studies, I read my patriarchal blessing in which it tells me to remember that no matter where I am called to serve or what I am called to-do it is never insignificant. My desires to lose my pride and my plans are as follows. Firstly, I will pour out my spirit in prayer to forgive me for my pride and to ask Him to be more humble. Also, I will do as Christ did and serve others. In my studies I am taking note of how Christ shows His humility. I will not look for my ways of doing things; rather, I shall look for ways to learn from others and always ask, "Father, what would you have me do." I know that I have a lot to improve but I know that the Lord will help me.

Right now, La Fútbol Copa America (the American Soccer Cup) is taking place here in South America. When the soccer game is on, all the streets are deserted. However, when Chile plays (like yesterday) the streets are deserted, but the whole country is unified. In about95% of the houses, people are watching the game. We don´t need to watch to know what goes on. Last night we paused on a lookout point and listened. We heard the reactions of the wide audience reverberating across the hillsides. When the other team scores, the entire hill, the entire country screams in horror. However, when Chile scores the country erupts with cheers of pleasure. It was so cool to hear as simultaneously every house on the hillside cheered for their team.

I love my mission. I have so much to do, so much to learn, so much to love.

Elder Rowley

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