Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011 — The Note

¡Que bien pasó este fin de semana! [What a great time this past weekend!]

As I have grown older and more spiritually mature, I have come to love the words of the prophets, both ancient and modern, more and more.  This weekend flew by as I watched the General Conference in English.  There were a few noticeable themes throughout the course of the conference.  However, throughout the whole conference I thought of my family and how it has helped me become who I am today.  I will write more about conference next week.

This week we received some rather bad news.  We had not been able to contact Elsa for about a week (since the lesson in which she accepted to be baptized).  Throughout the previous days, we had unsuccessfully been calling her often and passing by her apartment and leaving notes. We passed by on Friday afternoon once again.  That time, her son opened the door and told us that Elsa was not there, but that she had left a note.  It didn´t sound very good—a note from an investigator; it turned out to be even worse.  The note says the following:  

"The following is to greet you and thank you infinitely for all your time and dedication to teach me about the scriptures and discover the beautiful teachings of The Book of Mormon.  However, I should tell you that I will not continue with the studies, neither for baptism nor of the Bible in itself.  The motives are health, work, and the rest are absolutely personal . . . ."

As I held the note in my shaking hands, I almost began to cry as I felt my heart swell with sorrow.  Elsa is a wonderful daughter of God, who needs the blessings that await her in the gospel path.   We have not lost hope nor given up on her.  We continue to pray for her and will pass by this week to try and help her. 

On a much happier note, we have two more investigators with baptismal dates—Victoria and her son Marcelo.   We had just received the note from Elsa.  Feeling a little disheartened, we said a quick prayer and began to knock in the apartments close by.   The first door was opened, but the man was "too busy" to let us in.  We continued on to the next door.  A young boy opened the door and then went to get his mother.  Before we could say a word, she told us to come in—a blessing after the "trial of our faith."  In that lesson we taught and testified and they accepted a baptismal date.  I pray constantly for them and for all my brothers and sisters that they can all come unto Christ by receiving His restored gospel

I love my mission.  I love every day.  I love every trial that the Lord gives me.  I love the Chilean people.  I love my God.

I love you! ¡Me encanta la misión! [I love the mission!]

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