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Monday, February 28, 2011 — Time, So Much and So Little

¡No puedo creer que ya he cumplido siete meses hoy! El tiempo y yo no somos amigos... [I cannot believe I have already served seven months today! Time and I are not friends ...]

This week started off slightly difficult.  Elder Lecaros was ill in bed for a day and a half.  So I was stuck inside with him all that time.  Although I was not able to leave and do any proselyting, I still got a lot done.  I read all the Isaiah chapters (and more) in 2nd Nephi; I cleaned the bathroom, kitchen and closet; I vacuumed the entire apartment; updated my journal; made some delicious noodles; and even wrote a new song entitled "Return With Honor."

As I was inside the apartment for all that time, I realized something—there is a lot of time in every day.  There is so much time to find people, to teach, and to serve.  It gave me a renewed perspective on the work and the time that I have.  Yes, the days and weeks fly by, but there is plenty of time to fulfill my purpose as a missionary and help others come unto Christ.

After being stuck inside for such a "lengthy" period of time, when we left the apartment, I left with a new-found energy and desire to work.  Although the current area has been difficult thus far, I am determined to be successful.  I remember in the MTC [Missionary Training Center] one of my teachers told us, "There is no such thing as a hard area, just a missionary who lacks faith."  As I pondered upon that statement this week, I have examined my faith and the success that we have (or have not) seen in this area.  I believe that I have the faith necessary.  The Lord has called me here to this area to work for a reason.  The scriptures teach us that the Lord is bound when we do what He says [see Doctrine and Covenants 82:10]; so I left the apartment, determined to prove the Lord in His promise.

In the last two days, we have seen the long awaited success as the Lord has fulfilled His promise.  On Friday we found a new investigator, Veronica, by doing tours of the chapel. On Saturday, we went to her house to teach her and she accepted a baptismal date for the 26th of March!  Furthermore, she attended church yesterday!  She is very well prepared and will probably be baptized even before the 26th.  I thank the Lord for giving Elder Lecaros and I this tender mercy.  I know that if I continue with energy and excitement, being obedient, the Lord will continue to bless us.

Saturday evening we had a ward activity.  The activity was a "completada" and talent show.  By completada, I mean that we all enjoyed delicious completos.  Have I not explained completos yet?  They are one of my favorite food items!  Completos are hot dogs in toasted bread with tomatoes, guacamole, mustard, mayo, ketchup and "pebre" (salsa). Also, I sang a song while playing the piano, accompanied a couple on the piano and played the piano part of "La Bamba" while the ward sang along.  It was an excellent activity and helped the ward come together.

I am so grateful to be on my mission and am so excited for all my friends who have served, are serving, and are still preparing to serve.  I know that the Lord blesses us when we are obedient.  He gives us trials and tests so that we can learn and become more like Him.  I love my Heavenly Father.  . . . I love my entire family and all my friends! I love my mission! ¡Amo la misión!

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