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Monday, January 10, 2011 -- Children

This has been an extremely fast week in time, but a very slow week for the work. Not much has happened this week, we haven´t been able to teach a lot of investigators, and therefore spent a lot of time looking for new investigators, but didn´t have much success.

We were not able to teach Olivia until Saturday. When we finally taught her, we taught her about keeping the
sabbath day holy, hoping that she would attend church. She told us that she would attend church with us. On Sunday we called her in the morning and woke her up to go to church. However, she did not come. In fact of our investigators, only Daniel attended.

Daniel is progressing steadily and slowly leaving his ``depression-like´´ ways and finding true happiness. This was Daniel´s second time at
church. Just like the first time, yesterday he stayed for all three hours. He is a great investigator. At church, we don't have to worry about him because he involves himself in the lessons and has made friends with a lot of men from elders quorum. His original baptismal date was for the fifth of February, but this week we moved it up to January thirtieth.

Even though Daniel was the only
investigator at church yesterday, we had others that attended. Let me explain. This week we were knocking doors in some apartments and a little girl (9 years old) saw us and said I want to go to church with you! Her mom, a very cynical woman, laughed at us and told her that she should go and swim in the pool, referring to the baptismal font. There were also two of her friends (7 and 12 years old) that said they wanted to go too. We passed by Saturday and told them that we would pass by on Sunday to bring them to the church (they live right behind the church). They told us that they were excited to go swimming.

However, yesterday we were not able to pass by them because we were running late. The meeting was about to start when I looked up and saw the three kids walking in by themselves, all dressed-up for
church. It made me think of how the children have a light and they know the truth. Christ invites us to come unto him as little children. We need to have a childlike love, trust and innocence, placing our faith in Christ.

. . . ¡Me encanta mi misión! [I love my

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