Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011 -- Adventures in Vicuña

This week has flown! It feels like there has been a lot going on this week and thus time has greedily picked up its pace.

We have been working a lot with Daniel this week. He is truly a "golden investigator." When we first began to teach him he would say things like, "I have strayed so far from God, it will be so hard to come back" or, "I know that it will be hard, but I will try it." Also, when we first began teaching him, he told us that he had some "bloody posters" in his room. Now, these posters have been replaced with pictures of Christ. His walls are covered with moments taken from the life of Christ. About a week into teaching him, he miraculously changed. He went from "Why does God ask us to do hard things," to "I will go and do." For example, when we taught him the Word of Wisdom, he told us, "I can see why we shouldn´t drink, smoke, or do drugs, but I do not understand why we can´t drink tea or coffee. However, the Lord knows more than I do, so I will obey." His example is incredible. He is one of the most faith-filled persons I have ever met. Almost every visit now, he asks us when we can go out with us to teach other people.

Which brings me to another subject. During one of our lessons, we saved about twenty minutes at the end to talk to him about his life and the goals that he has. During the discussion, he brought up the fact that he had been thinking about going on a mission some day. He told us that he has always loved talking to people and that a couple nights before he had dreamed that he went on a mission! At the end of this lesson, he said in his prayer, "Lord, thank you for giving me the revelation to know what I need to do with my life. Thank you for helping me discover the talents that I have that will enable me to share the happiness I have found." He is truly incredible. One more thing that he said in another lesson, "Don´t tell God how big your problems are. Rather, tell your problems how big your God is!"

Yesterday we had eight investigators in church! Eight!!! Daniel came. The two niños came. Olivia, her daughter and her husband (the Spanish paragraph below talks about him a little) came. Also, the grandparents of some members moved in a week ago and they both came yesterday.

However, after church yesterday, Elder Jimenez and I traveled out to Vicuña (about 1.5 hour drive inland). Elder Jimenez is district leader and therefore had the opportunity to interview four investigators for their baptism. We spent the night there in Vicuña and then this morning we went as a district to the neighboring city of La Serena--Coquimbo. There we went to the monument, The Cross of the Third Millennium. After which we came back to La Serena and ate some good American KFC!

My letter is kind of short, but I did send a lot of pictures. If each picture is worth a thousand words, then do the math . . . this letter is actually really long!

. . . I love my mission!

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