Sunday, March 20, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011--Gomez Carreño

It has been a long week, but a good one.  The bus ride from La Serena was long, but passed quickly (if that makes any sense).  It was hard to say goodbye to my first area, to the members and especially those whom I taught.  However, I enjoy my new area and there is a lot of work to be done here in my new area.

My new area is very pretty.  It sits right on the top of the hills that surround Viña del Mar.  The view is incredible—on clear days, we can look down from our cuico eighth floor condo apartment and see the bay lying beneath us and the sprawling city stretching out across the hills. (Cuico is Chilean for "expensive" or "rich.") Whenever I see the view I always think to myself, "How many people are there out there waiting for me?  How many people are looking for the truth, looking for true happiness and I have what they want?"

Elder Lecaros is a very interesting lad.  He is from Santiago, Chile!  He will end his mission in August of this year.  Like everyone else, he has his interesting personality traits and perks, but I am very excited to be working with him.  

One thing that Elder Lecaros is really good at is talking!  On my part, I am not much of a talker, but his jaws keep flapping (in a good way).  Let me tell you, it is never boring with him as my companion.  However, as he is so good at talking, it is very useful for contacting people in the street.  It could be that he is Chilean (but I don´t think so)—but the people always seem very comfortable talking with him.  He always finds something to talk to them about and then they just open right up and talk to him.

My new ward is el barrio [neighborhood or ward] Gomez Carreño.  The work in the area is pretty dead right now, but that is why I am here right?  Elder Lecaros and I are going to work hard and bring this area back to life.  This week we did an activity with the members involved in the activity.  We did a "dynamic demonstration" using lights, music, chairs, the stage, cultural hall, and chapel to teach them about "The Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ." (I will have to explain more about it next week).  At the end of the presentation, the Spirit was incredibly strong and the members were crying and I have to admit that I too shed some tears.  It was an incredibly powerful moment. 

What a blessing it is to know that the Gospel has been restored.  Because of one simple prayer by a young boy, we are able to be members of the Church of Jesus Christ, where His authority is found.  I know that this is His Church.  I know that Joseph Smith was called of God and that Thomas S. Monson is the present-day prophet.  I love them.  I love you all!!! I love my mission!

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