Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011—The Spirit´s Whispers

Holi (Chilean way to say hola).


Yes, the fleas are still here.  The apartment here has carpeted walls, so the fleas now just jump from wall to wall to floor to me... but it is okay, I am used to the fleas and they seem to be used to me too...


This has been a wonderful week here in Las Torres.  I love the area.  The Las Torres branch is situated at the top of the hill "Forrestal" (one of the many hills that surrounds Viña del Mar) and is part of the Viña del Mar zone.  Fun fact, Elder Brady (my trainer, example and friend) is one of the zone leaders here.  My companion is a district leader which means that we will go on exchanges with the zone leaders often during this transfer.


I love my companion, Elder Schiller.  Elder Schiller is from Saint George, Utah and he was actually up at Provo studying at UVU when I was there at BYU.  He will finish his mission in March, 2012.  We get along really well and teach with unity and power.


This week I have loved seeing and experiencing the guidance of the Spirit in the work.  When we have the Spirit, we are guided to be at the right place at the right time and to say the right thing to the right person.


In one experience, we were passing by the house of a man we had talked to in the street.  He however gave us "oso" or rather "the bear" (the Chileans say that someone gives you "oso" when they "blow you off" or are not there for a scheduled appointment.)  In that moment, we felt prompted to go down to the end of the street and look there.  Now, that was not an easy task, for that street was carved into the side of the hill and we had to literally hike and climb to reach the bottom.  There at the bottom was a single little house.  We called to the house and a middle-aged woman came out.  After presenting ourselves, she told us that she was actually chatting on the computer with her LDS son who lives in Utah.  She was very interested and wanted to learn more about our church.  Her husband was not home, so we left her with a Book of Mormon and an appointment this week when her husband will be home.  She was waiting for us.  In that very moment when she was talking to her member son, we arrived.


Another experience:  This week we worked in the feria and were able to get some names and addresses.  We passed by one of them last night.  Her name is Susom and she is twenty-four years old.  If you looked at her, you could tell that she is sad and is carrying a burden and has been "hardened" because of her life´s trials.  We talked last night outside of her fence for a few minutes and then she told us that she wanted us to meet her mom.  When Susom opened the door to the house, there from the doorstep we met her mom – a pitiful little skin and bones woman who kept asking us for a drink.  She kept walking back and forth saying, "I am so thirsty, do you have a drink? Give me a drink please." Susom told us that her mother was alcoholic and that Susom spent almost all of her time taking care of her mom.  She said, "sometimes I wonder what´s the point of going on, death would be so much easier."  Elder Schiller and I were filled with love, compassion, and the Spirit as we beared witness that Susom is a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father and that He loves her.  We told her that He has a plan for her and that she can talk with God through prayer.  There on the doorstep of that little shack we bore testimony of the worth of one of God´s precious daughter.  As we spoke, Susom burst into tears and told us that she wanted to learn more and come to church with us.  I know that the Spirit of God told us to pass by her house at that time.  I know that he placed the words into my mouth and Elder Schiller´s mouth—he placed the words that Susom needed and was waiting to here.


Time is up.  I love you and pray for you constantly.  "For God is my witness, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel of his Son, that without ceasing I make mention of you always in my prayers" (Romans 1:9).  I love my mission!

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