Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, May 23, 2011—Marcelo and Victoria

Victoria and Marcelo were baptized and confirmed this week, but not easily.  Let me explain…  As I wrote last week, Victoria had to have a special interview with President Escárate.  We thought that he would just cover certain parts of the baptismal interview and that Elder Do Nacimento (our district leader) would do the rest.  So, last Sunday when Victoria had her interview, we did not have the proper baptismal document that needed to be signed.  President Escárate told us to leave the document in the mission office and he would come in and sign it.  We left the document in the office on Monday and called the office missionaries every day to see if President had come in to sign it each day until Thursday.  Every time we called they told us that he had not.


Then on Thursday, we called President Escárate and he said that he was up north and would not be able to sign it.  President Gillespie was also up north so he would not be able to take care of it.  We called him and after teaching us about being prepared, he told us that just this once, our zone leader could sign it.


Elder Boyd and I then went to the mission office to get the document.  We then went to the Registro Civil (the civil register?) to go find out the birth dates of Victoria´s parents and of Marcelo´s father.  It was pretty crazy, all we had to do was tell them the names, give them $750 pesos (the equivalent of about $1.50 USD), and then gave us their birth certificates. 


Then on Saturday, Marcelo and Victoria arrived about an hour and a half late to the baptism.  That was quite a scare!  We kept calling and we passed by their house, but in the end they came.  The baptismal service was short and sweet –as they should be.  I sang a solo.  Then I baptized Marcelo and Elder Boyd baptized Victoria.  Yesterday, they were confirmed in the church.


This Saturday, Elder Boyd and I will be going with the ward and Victoria and Marcelo on the ward temple trip!!! I am so excited.


However, because of that trip, we don´t get p-day today and my computer time is shortened.  I will write more next week.



This is God´s work and I love it.  I love my mission!

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