Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011—Answered Prayer

This week has been a good week and Elder Boyd and I are doing well despite bipolar weather.  Yes, the weather is bipolar and changes quicker than you can change your clothes.  Right now it is nice and sunny outside, but the past few days it has been foggy, freezing and not much fun.  We have worn our jackets, sweaters and gloves everyday this week.  Even more than that, the sun is fully set at six in the afternoon, so we still work for more than three hours in the dark of night.


I´d like to share a cool experience that we had this week.  However, to begin we have to go back a couple weeks.  There is a family who´s last name is Azocar.  We have passed by their house many times in the past few months, but they never have been home.  However, a few months ago, we finally found them at home.  They let us in and we were able to share something with them.  At the end of the lesson, we tried to set-up another appointment, but they were going to leave for a few months, so we just left them our phone number instead.  That was three weeks ago.  Also, Victoria (our investigator) was let go from work a couple months ago and has been looking for a job.  We have been helping her look as well.  In one of our lessons, we promised her that as she shows the Lord her desires to follow Him, He would bless her and help her find a job.  All of us have been praying that she could find a good job that wouldn´t make her work on Sunday.


Well, this Monday night we were in the apartment planning when the phone rang.  Brother Azocar was calling us.  I picked it up and he told me that he was the boss at a supermarket and needed workers.  He asked us if we knew anyone that needed a job.  He said that he just had a feeling that he should call us.  We told him about Victoria and gave him her number.  Tuesday afternoon Victoria had an interview.  Now we are just waiting for the results of a psychological test to see if she got the job.  Furthermore, if Victoria gets the job, Hermano Azocar will be her boss and he said he´ll work it out so she won´t have to work on Sundays. –Another tender mercy of the Lord.


Speaking of Victoria, she and Marcelo passed their interviews! Woohoo! They will be baptized this Saturday.  Victoria did give us quite a scare.  Apparently she had a pretty crazy teenage life in the 70´s and had to have an interview with President Gillespie.  He was in the north this weekend, so Victoria had an interview with one of his counselors.  She has repented of all the crazy things she may have done and is super excited for her baptism this week.  We have also talked to them a lot about the temple and they are excited to go to the temple with the ward on the 28th.  Elder Boyd and I are still waiting for permission to see if we can go or not.


Apart from Victoria and Marcelo, none of our investigators came to church.  It was really sad because we expected five investigators.  However, we just have to keep fighting, keep working diligently and we will see the fruits of our work.


I have told you a few times about my song "Return With Honor." Well, here are the lyrics in their current version:


Trembling hands and racing heart

I pull the envelope apart

A letter signed by the prophet of the Lord

Telling me, "you are called to serve"


Just two more months left to prepare

Two more months and I´ll be there

A worker and a witness of the truth

Bringing to all the good news


I´ll read my scriptures everyday

And constantly I´ll pray

That I can find my lost sisters and brothers

I will prepare today to return with honor


I can´t believe that I´m really here

When I look in the mirror

There I see His name pinned on my chest

To honor Him, I will do my best


Give every minute of every single day

If I get tired or think selfishly

I´ll remember having heard these words:

"Forget yourself and get to work"


"When it gets to hard to stand anymore

"Fall to your knees, call out to the Lord

"Serve with an eye single to the Glory of the Father

"And you will return with honor"


One more day before I go home

The past two years weren´t very long

Looking back it passed in the blink of an eye

But I used every second of my time


I´ve learned so much and come so far

Server with my might, my mind, my heart

My joy has never been so full

For great is the worth of souls


Clenched hands and pleading heart

I tell the Lord I´ve done my part

Here from my knees I cry

"Do you accept my sacrifice?"


Peace flows from heaven above

Wrapped in arms of perfect love

I hear the whisper of my Father

"My son, you have returned with honor"


Return with honor


I love my mission and will return with honor.

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