Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, May 2, 2011—We Shall Talk Soon

¡Recibí su paquete! Muchisimas gracias.  [I received your package! Thank you very much.] Beef jerky, ranch dressing and fruit snacks never tasted soooooo very good.  Especially all mixed together! Okay, I haven´t tried that yet, but there is still time...


This week has been a rather hard week.  We were not able to teach very many lessons.  For various reasons all of our planned appointments one by one fell through.  Even Victoria and Marcelo cancelled on us (for legitimate reasons).  However, despite all this hardship, it was a good week.  Why was it a good week, you may ask.  Well let me tell you.  I love my mission.  Even though we were "rejected" I was still able to feel the Lord´s hand and His love.  I know that I did all I can and the Lord will accept my sacrifice.

Even though Victoria and Marcelo have cancelled our lessons this last week, they are doing very well.  They were not able to come to church yesterday (stake conference) because Victoria´s daughter, Brisa, (who works a night job) had not returned from work.  Victoria had to stay home with Brisa´s child, Leon.  When we called Victoria to see why she hadn´t come, she said that she was waiting for Brisa and that "Brisa needs to be more responsible so that Victoria and Marcelo can go to church and learn."  They are wonderful.  I love them so much.

My letter is short, for we [family] shall talk soon. 


I love my mission!

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